Alex James suggests Blur reunite for 2015 homecoming gig in Colchester

Bass player backs campaign to launch Britpop exhibition at Firstsite gallery

Alex James has said that Blur should reunite in 2015 to help launch a possible Britpop themed exhibition in Colchester.

Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon and Dave Rowntree are all from the town, and James, who was born in Bournemouth, has backed a campaign to turn the local Firstsite gallery into Blursite, with an exhibition that marks 20 years since the band battled Oasis for the Number One spot with their single ‘Country House’.

Darius Laws, who is behind the effort to get the exhibition off the ground, said he wants to help relaunch the Firstsite gallery “with a bang” when it reopens next year. The gallery will close for refurbishment in January, three years after it opened in 2011.

Speaking in a radio interview, which can be heard below, Alex James was supportive of the idea for the exhibition and said: “I’m the only non-Colchester person in Blur but I do feel like it’s my second home. If that’s what Colchester feels it needs, that would be lovely. It would be better to get Blur together and playing there.”

Meanwhile, Laws is on record as saying that the exhibition is a unique opportunity for Colchester: “The height of Britpop was in 1995 when Oasis and Blur famously battled it out for the top spot on the Singles Chart. The unique opportunity here is that Blur were formed by three Colcestrians and now we have an arts space with the capacity to host an exhibition dedicated to Blur right here in Colchester.”

Blur last performed in the UK in August 2012. Earlier this year Damon Albarn suggested that a new album the band recorded in 2013 is unfinished and may never be completed.