Blur’s Alex James went 10 years without washing his hair

Britpop bassist recently used shampoo for the first time in a decade

Blur bassist Alex James has revealed that he recently washed his hair for the first time in a decade.

The Britpop band returned in 2015 with ‘The Magic Whip’ and reissued debut album ‘Leisure’ for its 25th anniversary earlier this year.

Speaking to Living Magazine, James recently said: “My hair isn’t really something I’ve ever particularly thought about or fussed over.”


He added: “Other than this week when both my daughters were keen to give me a Halloween makeover and emptied a whole can of grey-coloured hairspray into it and it set solid, I haven’t washed it for 10 years”.

Richard Johnson/NME

James previously made headlines by saying that indie music is dead but that the “spirit of independence” lives on in food. He also described Taylor Swift as “bigger than The Beatles”.

Alex James has also joked that he wants former Britpop rivals Oasis to reunite so that they can support Blur live.

James said: “Liam’s come out and said ‘Lonesome Street’ is his favourite song of the year, God bless him. And Damon and Noel are quite good friends now. So, I think, let’s focus on the positives. It’s lovely that it’s got a happy ending. I hope they get back together. They can support us.”

Discussing Blur’s future, James added: “Well, I treat every show like it’s the last. It is genuinely edgy and precarious. You never know what Coxon is going to do next, or when I’m going to do something that upsets everybody.”