Blur’s Alex James hits out at “grotesque” band reunions

"Nobody really wants to hear their fucking new record, do they? They want to listen to Stairway to Heaven

Blur‘s Alex James has hit out at classic bands getting back together for reunion performances, branding the idea “groteseque”.

Speaking to The Mirror, the Britpop bassist hit out at rumours that Led Zeppelin could reunite once more for a series of performances next year.

“There are rumours of Led Zeppelin getting back together again and nobody really wants to hear their fucking new record, do they? They want to listen to Stairway to Heaven”, James said.


“How old were they when they did Stairway to Heaven? Like 20 or something? And how old are they now, they are fucking 70.

“It’s insane. At least people want to come in and try my cheese as well as listen to Parklife. That is really important. I think it’s really good that I’ve got something else to talk about.”

The bassist also focused his ire on Mick Jagger, describing him as “grotesque”.

“You have to do it otherwise you become this weird, grotesque caricature of yourself by the time you get old like Mick Jagger”, he said.

“I’ve been listening to the Rolling Stones recently, but I wouldn’t fucking go and listen to them live, fucking hell.”


He added: “You can’t be Jumping Jack when you are 70 fucking 8.”

James last reunited with Blur for 2015’s ‘The Magic Whip’, although it’s unclear when the group will record another album.

Appearing on Consequence Of Sound‘s podcast, earlier this year, Coxon first revealed there were “no plans right now” for a new Blur record.

However, he said he wanted to make another album with the band, but it was “impossible to say yes and when to because these things just come out of nowhere.”

“I really don’t see why not and why there can’t be another Blur album,” he continued.

“We’re all still alive and in reasonable control of our faculties. It’s just the time when that notion comes upon us all and the stars align and we go, ‘Yeah, why not?’”