1995's 'Twoism''s original pressing was just 100 vinyl copies - but now it's being remastered, recut and re-released...

A rare BOARDS OF CANADA mini-album is to be released on CD for the first time.

A remastered and recut version of ‘Twoism’ is to be released on November 25 via Warp.

The original was released seven years ago via Boards’ own label Music70. The original pressing was limited to 100 vinyl copies, and is now a real collectors’ item.

‘Twoism’ pre-dates the dance duo’s first two albums for Warp records, ‘Music Has the Right to Children’ and ‘Geogaddi’, and the tracklisting runs: ‘Sixtyniner’


‘Iced Cooly’



‘Seeya Later’

‘Melissa Juice’

‘Smokes Quantity’

‘1986 Summer Fire’