Boards Of Canada debut new track ‘Cold Earth’ at Detroit’s Movement Festival

The band will also make another announcement at 5pm (US Pacific Time) today

Boards Of Canada debuted new track ‘Cold Earth’ at Detroit’s Movement Festival yesterday (May 26).

Similar to Daft Punk surprising festival-goers by screening ‘Get Lucky’ at Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival earlier this year, the brother duo broadcast the track prior to fellow Warp labelmate Squarepusher’s set to shocked revelers. You can view a fan-shot video of the screening below.

Meanwhile, another announcement is expected to be made later on today (May 27). The group posted an image on Twitter yesterday indicating that something will happen at 5pm US Pacific Time. It’s currently unclear what that will be.


Last week, Boards Of Canada unveiled a brand new song titled ‘Reach For The Dead’. The Neil Krug-directed film that accompanies the music, which was taken from their first new album in eight years, was first broadcast in Shibuya, Tokyo, projected against the side of a building to a large crowd. The reclusive duo will put out their new LP ‘Tomorrow’s Harvest’ on June 10 via Warp Records. The album will consist of 17 tracks. Scroll down for the full tracklisting.

The album follows the act’s shock 12-inch release for this year’s Record Store Day.

The ‘Tomorrow’s Harvest’ tracklisting is:

‘Reach For The Dead’
‘White Cyclosa’
‘Jacquard Causeway’
‘Cold Earth’
‘Transmisiones Ferox’
‘Sick Times’
‘Palace Posy’
‘Split Your Infinities’
‘Nothing Is Real’
‘New Seeds’
‘Come To Dust’
‘Semena Mertvykh’