Rapper B.O.B is trying to convince his Twitter followers the earth is flat

"Sorry cadets, I didn't wanna believe it either" he tells his 2m followers

US rapper B.O.B has spent the weekend trying to convince his Twitter followers the the world is flat.

Best known for 2010 single ‘Airplanes’, featuring Hayley Williams of Paramore, B.O.B is currently locked in a battle with his 2.2m Twitter supporters who are refusing to believe his suggestion that the planet is not round.

B.O.B’s evidence against years of scientific research is mainly based on the fact he has never seen the curve of the earth and therefore believes it to be a lie. As he says in one tweet, “No matter how high in elevation you are… the horizon is always eye level.”

He later added: “A lot of people are turned off by the phrase “flat earth” … but there’s no way u can see all the evidence and not know… grow up.”

However, B.O.B is adamant that he’s not trying to trick people into believing the same thing as him: “Don’t try to back me into the “conspiracy theorist” corner… don’t be fooled. I speak from personal experience.”

See the best of his argument below: