Bob Dylan to trial anti-ticket tout model at upcoming San Francisco gig

Veteran will also eliminate excessive ticket handling and processing fees

Bob Dylan has announced he will be trying out a new anti-ticket tout model for one of his upcoming shows.

The legendary singer-songwriter, who is currently on a tour of the US, has scrapped the option for fans to buy advanced tickets for his show at The Warfield in San Francisco on Wednesday (August 25) night.

Instead, the only way people can see the gig is by purchasing a $60 (£39) general admission ticket on the door, and the only way they can pay for it is in cash.

In a move that will eliminate excessive ticket handling and processing fees, plus reduce ticket scalping, those attending the show will also only be able to buy one ticket each.

Fans who want a ticket are being allowed to queue up outside the venue from 12pm (PDT), with doors opening at 5.30pm (PDT) and the show beginning at 8pm (PDT).

“Given the state of touring and how fees have escalated, it was a real breath of fresh air to do something very consumer-oriented by eliminating all ticketing charges,” David Lefkowitz, a representative for promotion company Goldenvoice said in a statement. “It’s almost a throwback to another time.”

While there are huge security implications for the 2,250 capacity theatre taking $135,000 (£88,000) in cash, this old fashioned way of doing things was the brainchild of “Bob‘s people”, reports