Bob Dylan: ‘I’m surprised Barack Obama went into politics’

Plus legend warns president about 'flying too close to the sun'

Bob Dylan has spoken of his admiration for Barack Obama, saying he’s surprised he went into politics as he “could’ve done anything”.

The legend said he was first impressed when he read the current US president’s autobiography ‘Dreams of My Father’.

“What made me think he’d be a good politician? Well nothing really. In some sense you would think being in the business of politics would be the last thing that this man would want to do,” Dylan told The Times. “I think he had a job as an investment banker on Wall Street for a second – selling German bonds. But he probably could’ve done anything. If you read his book, you’ll know that the political world came to him. It was there to be had.”


Dylan added he had no idea whether Obama would make a good leader, declaring the presidency a tough job, but said: “He’ll be the best president he can be. Most of those guys come into office with the best of intentions and leave as beaten men. (Lyndon) Johnson would be a good example of that … (Richard) Nixon (Bill) Clinton in a way, (Harry) Truman, all the rest of them going back. You know, it’s like they all fly too close to the sun and get burned.”


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