Bob Dylan calls for movie withdrawal

Lawyers want 'Factory Girl' release blocked

Bob Dylan‘s lawyers are demanding that all distribution and screenings of the new movie ‘Factory Girl’ be ceased.

The move comes after allegations that the film falsely suggests that Dylan was responsible for the death of Andy Warhol muse Edie Sedgwick, played by Sienna Miller.

The movie’s character, Danny Quinn, is thought to be a fusion of Dylan, Jim Morrison and Mick Jagger.

The original screenplay, however, used Dylan’s name. Additionally, ‘Quinn’, played by Hayden Christensen, wears a harmonica brace and flat cap as he performs, both synonymous with Dylan.

Dylan’s lawyer Orin Snyder says the movie implies that it was the singer’s dumping of Sedgwick which eventually led to her suicide, reports The New York Post.

Although they have not yet seen the movie, Dylan‘s lawyers are demanding the cessation until they have.

’Factory Girl’ is set for release on December 27 in the US.