Bob Dylan to record with Jack White?

White Stripes' pal says a legendary collaboration is on the way

The White Stripes‘ frontman Jack White could be set to record with Bob Dylan.

The pair could be set for a new music collaboration after a series of link-ups.

White has joined Dylan onstage before and contributed to the legend’s radio show.

Most recently White has being recording on some unfinished Hank Williams songs for a project Dylan is co-ordinating.

On that project White worked with Steppin’ In It bassist Dominic Suchyta, an old friend, and he believed there is every chance of the White Stripe and Dylan recording together in the future.

“I wouldn’t put it past either of them. They seem to be cut from the same cloth, sort of misplaced Midwestern brothers,” he told Paste magazine. “I do know Jack has joined him on stage quite a bit and joined him for his radio show. When we were high school teenagers, we recorded quite a few Dylan tunes on our old four-track reel machine.”

He added: “I remember having a nice version of ‘Masters Of War’ on some cassette somewhere. Jack played drums and guitar, I played bass and guitar.”