Watch as 1962 Bob Dylan interview is turned into a cartoon

A 20-year-old Dylan said ‘I’ll never be famous’

An early Bob Dylan interview recorded before he released his debut album has been turned into a cartoon.

In 1962, a 20-year-old Dylan was interviewed by New York radio station WBAI for its Folksingers Choice series.

The interview has now been turned into a cartoon by US TV service PBS as part of its animated series Blank On Blank.

In the interview, Dylan is asked about the trademark beatnik hat he wore at the start of his career. Asked if he’d wear it “if you become rich and famous,” Dylan responds: “Oh, I’m never going to become rich and famous.”

Dylan also gives an early example of his claims that he grew up working at a carnival. He claims he wrote a song called ‘Won’t Buy You A Postcard’ for a woman he met at the carnival whose “skin was all burned and she was a little baby, as she didn’t grow right.” He added that he couldn’t remember how his tribute song went.

Of his early gigs, Dylan says his fee was “a dollar plus a cheeseburger”.

At the time of the interview, Dylan was a month away from releasing his self-titled debut album, which featured self-written songs ‘Talkin’ New York’ and ‘Song To Woody’ among 11 covers.

Dylan released covers album ‘Fallen Angels’ last month, which reached No 5.