Excerpts from the star's forthcoming memoirs cause a stir...

US legend Bob Dylan has shocked many of his fans with excerpts published from his memoirs.

The snippets appear in this week’s issue of US magazine Newsweek, in which Bob Dylan also takes part in a rare interview.

He explains that he felt nothing in common with a generation that ordained him their voice.

“The world was absurd…I had very little in common with and knew even less about a generation that I was supposed to be the voice of,” he said.

“I was fantasising about a nine-to-five existence, a house on a tree-lined block with a white picket fence, pink roses in the backyard.

“Roadmaps to our homestead must have been posted in all 50 states for gangs of dropouts and druggies.

“I wanted to set fire to these people,” he said of the fans who would group outside his family home, climb onto his roof, and break in. The family were forced to move to New York to escape them.

“We moved to New York for a while in hopes to demolish my identity, but it wasn’t any better there. It was even worse. The neighbours hated us,” he continued.

“The big bugs in the press kept promoting me as the mouthpiece, spokesman, or even conscience of a generation. I felt like a piece of meat that someone had thrown to the dogs,” he said.

He said that life improved for him in the Eighties. “In my real life I got to do the things that I love the best…Little League games, birthday parties, taking my kids to school, camping trips, boating, rafting, canoeing, fishing…I was living on record royalties.”

He also slammed critics for their dissection of his lyrics. “I was sick of the way my lyrics had been extrapolated, their meanings subverted into polemic and that I had been anointed as the Big Bubba of Rebellion…,” he said.

Bob Dylan wrote the ‘Chronicles: Volume 1’, set for release on October 12, over three years on a manual typewriter.