The Dylanologist's sculpture of St Peterin Trondheim Cathedral bears a strong resemblance to the rock god...

A Norwegian sculptor has admitted the religious statue he created over 30 years ago for a cathedral was fashioned in the likeness of his hero BOB DYLAN.

The statue of St Peter, complete with wings, sits on the 12th century Trondheim Cathedral. It was erected in 1969 to mark the completion of restoration work to the western front of the cathedral. In subsequent years, many people have noted the resemblance to Dylan.

“It’s true that I was inspired by Bob Dylan and his features when I made St. Michael,” sculptor Kristofer Leirdal has confessed. “I saw that singer as a representative of American opposition to the Vietnam War. I thought it was appropriate to have a great poet on top of the tower.”


According to ananova.com Bob Dylan is “honoured” by the likeness.