'Love And Theft' is released in September...

Details have been confirmed of the new BOB DYLAN album, ‘LOVE AND THEFT’.

The 12-track album was recorded in the spring with his touring band, and is slated for release on September 11 in the US according to Columbia Records, corresponding to a UK release of September 10.

His 43rd album, Dylan described it in USA Today as like Volume One or Two of a Greatest Hits album “without the hits”.

He said: “The songs don’t have any genetic history. Is it like ‘Time Out Of Mind’ or ‘Oh Mercy’ or ‘Blood On The Tracks’ or whatever? Probably not. I think of it more as a Greatest Hits album, Volume One or Volume Two. Without the hits. Not yet, anyway.”

The album will include the song ‘Mississippi’, which was dropped from his last album, 1997’s million-selling ‘Time Out Of Mind’ and later recorded by Sheryl Crow.

It is believed the rest of the songs are newer compositions, however.

Dylan added that they “are variations on the 12-bar theme and blues-based melodies. The music here is an electronic grid, the lyrics being the substructure that holds it all together.”