It seems that rock icon Dylan is quite a fan of Justine Frischmann...

Bob Dylan appears to have taken quite a shine to JUSTINE FRISCHMANN, and has invited her along to his upcoming LONDON shows in an offer that has left the ELASTICA frontwoman “intrigued”.

However, Justine has had to decline the invitation to attend London‘s Wembley Arena tonight or tomorrow (October 5, 6) as she is currently on tour in the US.

A spokesperson for Elastica explained that she did not know the reason behind Dylan‘s approach nor whether or not the legendary singer/songwriter had intended to ask Frischman to join him onstage.


She added that efforts had been made to put the pair together but that schedules didn’t permit a meeting.

Justine, an avowed Dylan fan, was said to be “intrigued” by the offer.

Justine and the rest of Elastica have been featured heavily in the US music press during their current Stateside jaunt and it is possible that a photograph caught Dylan‘s eye.

A UK spokesperson for Bob Dylan could not be reached for comment this morning.

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