Unreleased Bob Dylan track ‘Dress It Up, Better Have It All’ streams online – listen

'The Basement Tapes Complete' will be released on November 4

A previously-unreleased Bob Dylan track dating back to the late 1960s is now available to listen online.

The song in question, entitled ‘Dress It Up, Better Have It All’, features on Dylan’s upcoming six-disc ‘Basement Tapes Complete’ release. Featuring 138 tracks in all, the collection includes all known recordings from the songwriter’s sessions for his ‘Basement Tapes’ album, which was initially released in 1975.

One of the 30 tracks previously thought to have been lost, ‘Dress It Up, Better Have It All’, is now streaming ahead of the November 4 release. Click below to listen.

Meanwhile, scientists in Sweden recently revealed that they’ve been inserting references to Bob Dylan into their research papers as part of a long-running bet.