Danny Brown discusses his role in Bob Dylan’s new ‘Like A Rolling Stone’ video

'I had to listen to that song a fucking lot to learn the lyrics,' says rapper

Rapper Danny Brown has spoken about his role in Bob Dylan‘s new video for ‘Like A Rolling Stone’.

The interactive video, which is the first ever for the track, allows viewers to flip through various channels, with each featuring a host of people mouthing the lyrics to the song while acting out a range of typical television programmes including a music show titled Big Beats Hour starring Brown, Drew Carey hosting the US quiz The Price Is Right and a cookery show.

Speaking to Rolling Stone about how he came to appear in the video, Brown said: “Being in the right place at the right time. The same guys that did my video for ‘Grown Up’ – Walter Pictures – they were the guys to do this one. And they could’ve picked any rapper to do that. Ain’t nobody gonna say no to Dylan.”

Brown also said that it had been a torturous experience learning the words to the song so he could mouth along, adding: “I had to listen to that song a fucking lot to learn the lyrics. Listening to that song over and over gave me a whole new perspective to what he was doing at that time.

“I get what he was saying in the song. I just really listened to it all day – on the plane before I got to the shoot – and I was just happy to get it,” he continued. “It was an all-day shoot. If I didn’t know the lyrics, it would’ve been longer, so I’m glad I was prepared. That shit was very fucking… I was tired as fuck, let’s just put it like that. And I had to leave for Paris and shit, like, right after that, too!”

‘Like A Rolling Stone’ was released in 1965 and is the opening track of Dylan’s album ‘Highway 61 Revisited’. Earlier this month, a huge boxset spanning the singer’s career was released, including 35 of his studio albums, from his 1962 self-titled debut to 2012’s ‘Tempest’, with 14 of the albums being newly remastered for the release. Brown, meanwhile, released his third studio album ‘Old’ in October of this year.