Bob Dylan to sing about Leonardo DiCaprio on ‘Tempest’ title track

The legendary artist releases his 35th studio LP on September 10

Bob Dylan has revealed that he has written Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio into a song on his forthcoming album, ‘Tempest’.

Speaking to Rolling Stone – via American Songwriter – the legendary singer-songwriter said that the 13-minute long title track of the new album references DiCaprio. He said of the song, which is about the Titanic disaster and was inspired by the Carter Family’s folk song, ‘The Great Titanic’: “Yeah, Leo. I don’t think the song would be the same without him.” He added:

People are going to say, ‘Well, it’s not very truthful’. But a songwriter doesn’t care about what’s truthful. What he cares about is what should’ve happened, what could’ve happened. That’s its own kind of truth. It’s like people who read Shakespeare plays, but they never see a Shakespeare play. I think they just use his name.

The album, which is the 35th studio LP of Dylan’s career, will come out on September 10. It contains a total of 10 tracks and has been produced by Dylan himself, although, as with his recent studio albums, the producer is named as ‘Jack Frost’.


The release of ‘Tempest’ will coincide with the celebration of Dylan’s 50 years as a recording artist. He released his self-titled debut album in March 1962.


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