Bob Dylan finally acknowledges Nobel Prize win

The artist was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature two weeks ago

Bob Dylan has spoken about being awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature for the first time, over two weeks since he first earned the honour.

Dylan was announced as the recipient of this year’s award back on October 13, having been credited with “creating new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition”. Despite this, Dylan failed to initially acknowledge the honour, and was labelled as “impolite and arrogant” by one member of the Nobel Academy after failing to reply to the organisation.

However, in a new interview with The Daily Telegraph, Dylan has finally spoken about the award, emphasising his gratitude to the Academy for being recognised in such a manner.


“It’s hard to believe,” Dylan said. “[Being awarded the Nobel Prize is] amazing, incredible. Whoever dreams about something like that?”

Asked about why he chose to be silent on the matter for so long, Dylan only replied: “Well, I’m right here.”

Dylan also said he plans to attend the awards ceremony in Stockholm on December 10 “if it’s at all possible,” though he says he “absolutely” wishes to turn up to receive his prize in person.

Prior to the interview, Dylan looked set to follow in the footsteps of Albert Einstein and Jean-Paul Sartre in snubbing the Nobel Academy.

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