Bob Dylan is finally going to accept his Nobel Prize

However, he still needs to deliver his Nobel lecture if he is to claim his prize money.

Bob Dylan will finally accept his Nobel Prize later this week, the Swedish Academy has confirmed.

The iconic singer-songwriter is making his way to Stockholm for a pair of concerts and will receive his prestigious award while he is in town.

The Academy’s personal secretary Prof Sara Danius wrote in a blog post: “The good news is that the Swedish Academy and Bob Dylan have decided to meet this weekend. The Academy will then hand over Dylan’s Nobel diploma and the Nobel medal, and congratulate him on the Nobel Prize in Literature. The setting will be small and intimate, and no media will be present; only Bob Dylan and members of the Academy will attend, all according to Dylan’s wishes.”

However, Dylan will not deliver his Nobel Lecture while he is in Sweden. Danius wrote that the Academy expects him to send a taped version of his lecture at a future date. If he fails to do, he will forfeit his £725,000 prize money.

Bob Dylan


Bob Dylan

The media-shy singer-songwriter was announced as the recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature in October but did not publicly acknowledge the honour for over two weeks. He later confirmed he wouldn’t be able to attend the ceremony in December due to other commitments.

Patti Smith performed ‘A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall’ accompanied by an orchestra in his stead at the ceremony in Stockholm. Watch her performance here.

Dylan sent a written message to the Swedish Academy, thanking them for the award and apologising for his absence.

“I’m sorry I can’t be with you in person, but please know that I am most definitely with you in spirit and honoured to be receiving such a prestigious prize,” he said in a speech read by Azita Raji, the U.S. ambassador to Sweden, at the Nobel banquet.