Bob Geldof: ‘I blame myself for Peaches’ death’

Boomtown Rats singer says he feels responsible for the death of his daughter earlier this year

Bob Geldof has said that he blames himself for the death of his daughter Peaches earlier this year.

The writer, socialite and daughter of Boomtown Rats frontman Geldof was found dead at her home in Wrotham, Kent on April 7, aged 25. Police said at the time that her death was being treated as “non-suspicious but unexplained and sudden”, but the results of a subsequent toxicology report showed Geldof had heroin in her system.

Speaking to ITV News, in an interview that was broadcast last night (October 15), Geldof said: “You blame yourself, the father who clearly failed. You go back and you go over, what could you have done? You do as much as you can.”


Geldof, who said he finds the recent reunion of Boomtown Rats both “brief respite” and “cathartic”, added: “She was super bright, too bright, Very errant mind, that could focus intensely on a book which she’d consume and just absorb. But the rest was frantic, she knew what life was supposed to be and god bless her she tried. She didn’t make it in the end.

The inquest into the death of Peaches Geldof in July heard that the 25-year-old had been a heroin addict and took the heroin substitute methadone for two-and-a-half years before her death.