Bob Geldof: ‘People in the UK don’t give a crap about me’

Boomtown Rats man says hardly any Brits will listen to his album

Bob Geldof has said that he thinks people in the UK “don’t give a crap” about his music.

The singer has a new solo album, ‘How To Compose Popular Songs That Will Sell’ out, but he’s said he doesn’t think many Brits will be buying it.

“I’d love people to hear it, but I don’t think people will,” he told BBC 6music.


Geldof admitted that his profile in the UK is mainly due to his charity work rather than his tunes – but this isn’t a problem he has abroad.

“Bizarrely enough, people do buy my stuff, so I get to play great theatres all over the world,” he said. “Except in the UK, where they don’t give a crap.”

He added: “You could put up a poster with ‘Tonight! Bob Geldof!’ on it, and people would see it and say, ‘OK, fair enough…’ then wander off saying, ‘Doing what? Is he gonna rant at us about Africa?'”

Bob Geldof – How To Compose EPK from Bob Geldof on Vimeo.

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