Bob Geldof and Nigel Farage face off in Brexit boat battle down London’s River Thames

The pair went flotilla-to-flotilla in EU Referendum debate

Nigel Farage and Bob Geldof faced off in a EU Referendum boat battle down the River Thames in London today (Wednesday, June 15).

On June 23, the UK will hold a referendum to determine whether it will remain a part of the European Union. Farage is pro-leave and Geldof wants to remain.

Today’s incident occurred after UKIP leader Farage unveiled plans to lead a flotilla of fishermen down the river to the Houses of Parliament in Westminster.


Boomtown Rats singer and charity campaigner Geldof soon boarded a pleasure cruiser in response, along with other remain activists.


Geldof’s boat arrived by the side of Farage’s while blaring out Dobie Gray’s ‘I’m With The In Crowd’ from speakers, drowning out a speech Farage was giving to the media and his supporters.

Geldof went on to label Farage as “no fisherman’s friend”, while Farage called Geldof’s stunt “ignorant” and “insulting”.

Both boats eventually made it to Westminster, but not before Geldof’s boat was attacked with a water hose by a boat full of Brexit supporters.

See footage from the incident beneath.

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