Bob Geldof juggles poverty summit with Margate’s Xmas lights

Live8 man will flick switch then jet to Qatar

Boomtown Rats frontman and African aid campaigner Bob Geldof has had to fit a poverty summit around switching on the Christmas lights in Margate.

The singer will turn on the Kent seaside town’s festive illuminations on Saturday (November 29) before jetting off from Heathrow Airport to a meeting in Qatar.

Geldof agreed to turn on the town’s lights after he apparently branded the resort “ugly” in a Sunday newspaper.

There had been some doubt as to whether Geldof would turn on the lights – however, the ceremony has been brought forward so he can make the international poverty conference.

Margate‘s mayor Brian Sullivan told BBC News: “He didn’t want to disappoint the people of Margate. He comes to Margate in the afternoon and we’re given to understand he goes straight from here to Heathrow, where he goes to attend a conference.”