Organisers act after pirated copies are discovered for sale on the Internet...

The LIVE AID concert is set for a DVD release after nearly 20 years.

Artists including Madonna, U2, [a][/a] and Queen gathered together for a transatlantic extravaganza in London and Philadelphia to raise money for Ethiopian famine victims in 1985.

The concert has never been released on any format but now, according to the BBC, organisers have decided to auction off the rights to release the concert footage after pirate copies were discovered for sale on the Internet.

Organisers hope the footage will raise money for charity and foil bootleggers. John Kennedy, a founding Band Aid trustee, said that the organisers see the footage as “an asset of the people of Ethiopia”.

He said: “It’s a surprise to all of us that we’re still here 20 years on spending and receiving money. But because of piracy, it’s becoming available without earning any money.”

The successful bidder will have to obtain permission from every single artist taking part, but a Christmas release is still being mooted.

The plan follows the seizure by police of pirated copies of the 16-hour marathon for sale for £110.