But he wouldn't have forgiven himself if he hadn't tried...

BOB GELDOF expects the LIVE 8 shows to be a “glorious failure”, he said today (June 9).

Launching the paperback version of the ‘Commission For Africa’, which sets out the measures he reckons are necessary to solve the problems which right now are racking up a body count of 50,000 per day.

Talking about the aim of the concerts, to shame the G8 leaders into make a lasting commitment to improve the aid and debut situation in Africa, he told the AFP news agency: “Will that happen? Probably not. So will I have failed? Yes I guess.

“We will have tried everything to the last fibre of exhaustion to make it happen and I can live with myself. It will be, not for me but for everyone involved, a glorious failure.”

And talking about his “very demanding” role he added: “I really don’t want to do it – there is no part of today that I have liked, not a single part.”

But he continued that if he had not staged the concerts: “For the rest of my life I would have thought ‘I could have maybe done that, I could have maybe changed it and I bottled it for personal reasons.”

Meanwhile, speaking in Brussels at a meeting withEuropean Commission leader Jose Manuel Barroso, Bono reiterated the point about how ridiculous he sees the current global situation as.

He said: “There will always be natural calamities, but there are 120,000 lost lives in Africa every month and this is avoidable. This is not wide-eyed, misty-eyed Irish nonsense – these are achievable goals.”