A Scottish entrepreneur has offered to give up to £6 million to the fund...

A Scottish entrepreneur has offered to give up to £6 million to the BAND AID – a donation described by BOB GELDOF as an “incredible gift”.

Band Aid 20’s single ’Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ remains on course for this year’s festive Number One having sold in the region of 750,000 copies since its release.

Entrepreneur Tom Hunter has said he will give the same amount, pound for pound, penny for penny that single buyers put over the counter.

With the £3.99 for every single the public buys and £10 for every Live Aid DVD sold, this will mean up to £6 million to The Band Aid Trust.

Bob Geldof commented: “You will not only be generating more funds for the poor in Africa this Christmas but also making a political demand to finally halt the dreadful and unnecessary suffering of the weakest people in our world. Even if you’ve already got the record, go out again and buy another ten copies for your Grannies Grandads, Aunties & Uncles and friends.

“This incredible gift has set up the most remarkable challenge in Band Aid’s History. A Santa Claus from the North in the shape of Tom Hunter arrives a week before Christmas to give us a fantastic present . Good on him, he has taken on the true spirit of Band Aid. We will challenge the public to buy Band Aid 20 and The Live Aid DVD in their thousands next week and help fight famine and poverty in Africa.”