The Live Aid hero wants justice for the 29 innocent people killed in the 1998 blast...

Crusading LIVE AID hero BOB GELDOF is leading a campaign to raise funds to help with a civil action against the allegedOMAGH bombers.

The former lead singer with the Boomtown Rats is being joined by a host of other celebrities, including former world champion boxer Barry McGuigan and former Northern Ireland secretary Peter Mandelson as he attempts to raise the £2 million needed to take legal action against five prime suspects believed to be behind the biggest atrocity in Northern Ireland’s troubled history.

Twenty-nine innocent people were murdered by the Real IRA in August 1998.


“Omagh was our September 11,” Geldof said in a statement, “Those people should not be allowed to get away with it.”

Though authorities have believed for some time to know the identity of those who carried out the bombing, so far only one man has been jailed. Last month, Colm Murphy got 14 years for conspiring to cause the explosion.

So far, £600,000 has been raised towards the target. The campaign is being officially launched in London this morning (February 20).