The Live Aid hero has been looking after Tiger Lily since his ex-wife Paula Yates' death...

BOB GELDOF has won custody of HEAVENLY HIRAANI TIGER LILY, daughter of his late ex-wife PAULA YATES and MICHAEL HUTCHENCE.

The former Boomtown Rat and Live Aid mastermind had been awarded temporary custody of four-year-old Tiger Lily after Paula died of an accidental heroin overdose earlier this year.

Tiger Lily’s father INXS frontman Hutchence died in 1997. Geldof, who has three other daughters by Paula, had been opposed by Hutchence’s half-sister Tina Shorr, who claimed she wanted custody. His father, Kell, however, had stated his preference that Geldof should raise Tiger Lily.

The case is to be reviewed after 12 months.