Bob Marley statue unveiled in Balkans

It's designed to promote peace in troubled lands

A statue of late reggae legend Bob Marley has been unveiled in a small Serbian village during a rock festival.

The unwrapping of the statue, in Banatski Sokolac, came at midnight as musicians from Croatia and Serbia (Jovan Matic and Dado Topic) joined fans at the Rock Village event.

Organisers said Marley, who died in 1981, “promoted peace and tolerance in his music”, reports the BBC. They claim that the Marley statue, which was created by Croatian artist Davor Dukic and depicts the late reggae legend holding a guitar with his fist raised in a defiant pose, is the first monument in Europe to the Jamaican-born icon.

It’s not the first bizarre statue in the Balkans. Serbia recently erected a statue of Rocky, while Mostar in Bosnia has one of Bruce Lee.