Bob Marley biopic on the way

Lauryn Hill may play Rita Marley, who is executive producer

Work is underway on the first ever Bob Marley biopic.

The late reggae star’s wife, Rita Marley, will act as executive producer.

Film producers Bob and Harvey Weinstein have optioned the writes to Rita Marley’s 2004 memoir, ‘No Woman No Cry: My Life With Bob Marley’, on which the film will be based.

Rudy Langlais will direct the film, and screenwriter Lizzie Borden is currently completing the script in Jamaica.

Rita Marley has earmarked Lauryn Hill, Bob Marley’s daughter-in-law, to play her in the film.

Lauryn would be ideal [to play me],” Rita Marley told Variety. “She sees my life as her life.

“This [story] is about a girl from the ghetto and a boy from the rural areas. It’s more than being a superstar – we have trod the rocky roads. It’s more than just a story, it’s a reality.”