Bob Marley family settle fish cake lawsuit

half brother of reggae legend accused of illegally using Marley's name

Bob Marley‘s family have settled a lawsuit against his half-brother after the family member was accused of illegally using the reggae icon’s name to sell fish cakes and energy drinks.

TMZ reports that a lawsuit has been settled after Richard Booker was accused of infringing trademark on Marley’s name to sell his products, which also included fish sausages, earlier in the year. The original lawsuit against Booker has been filed by Marley’s wife Rita, and nine of his children. Booker subsequently filed back a countersuit, claiming he had permission to use Marley’s name.

Robert Scholz, Booker’s lawyer, said: “This was a very sensitive case because the legacy of a great man and family were at stake. From what I have learned about Bob Marley, he would be very happy, especially that his family is now at peace. Both parties were happy with the settlement agreement.”

Earlier this year it was revealed that Bob Marley is the musician used most often to help speakers of foreign languages learn to speak English.

A study by Kaplan International Colleges found that the music and lyrics of the late reggae artist are the most useful when it comes to learning English, above the likes of Michael Jackson, Madonna, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. Kaplan asked hundreds of former and current students if listening to music in the English language assisted them in their studies. 80% replied that it did, with 14% of those people highlighting the work of Marley as being particularly helpful.