Bobby Brown: ‘I heard that I had a heart attack – I didn’t’

Singer says everything is 'fine' after heart attack rumours

Bobby Brown has denied that he suffered a mild heart attack and spent last night (October 9) in a Los Angeles hospital.

Despite the fact that the singer’s attorney announced yesterday (October 10) that he was taken to two hospitals near his southern California home after complaining of severe chest pains, he denies he had the suggested heart attack.

Brown said: “I heard that I had a heart attack earlier, but I didn’t.”

The singer confirmed that he went to hospital for a simple pre-tour check up. “I gotta make sure my vitals and everything is straight,” he said.

“Everything’s all right with me,” he added. “I got a clean bill of health and everything’s fine. I’m ready to get on this road and do these shows and take care of what I gotta take care of.”

He told the EUR website that he was worried what effect the heart attack rumours would have.

“It bothers me a lot, because my kids are hearing it and they’re calling me crying and stuff,” he said. “So I just had to let everybody know that I am OK, and it’s good that I have someone who I can tell that I’m okay, and you can pass the word onto everybody else.”