The troubled singer is picked up by wife Whitney Houston after receiving ten days credit for good behaviour...

Bobby Brown was released from jail early yesterday (July 9) after receiving ten days credit for good behaviour.

In June, Brown was sentenced to 75 days in jail after pleading guilty to two charges of probation violation dating back to 1996.

It was originally expected that Brown would spend 36 of his 75-day sentence in the North Broward Detention Center in Florida, as he served 39 while waiting for trial. However, after completing a drug rehabilitation program, he has been released.


According to US reports, Brown was picked up in a white limousine by his wife Whitney Houston. On his release he said: “It’s beautiful out here. I just want to be with my family and my friends, I’m going home to spend the summer with my kids and work on my life.”

Brown‘s problems with the law originated when he crashed wife Whitney Houston‘s car into a bush while drunk. Brown was convicted of drunk-driving, and sentenced to five days in jail. He was also placed on probation. Last year a warrant was issued for his arrest after his probation officer claimed cocaine was present in a test of the singer’s urine, a violation of his probation terms.

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