The singer makes the confession after receiving a jail sentence in Florida...

Singer Bobby Brown has admitted to being alcoholic after pleading guilty and receiving a jail sentence for probation violation in BROWARD, FLORIDA.

Brown was sentenced to 75 days in jail yesterday (June 12) after pleading guilty to two charges of probation violation dating back to 1996.

According to local reports, after the hearing Brown told the court: “To my fans, people who bought my record and think I wasn’t being a man about the situation, I do have a disease, I am an addict, I am an alcoholic. Hopefully I can get back to what I do best, dancing and singing. The day I get out will be the day I start working again.”


It is expected that Brown will spend 36 days of his 75-day sentence in jail, as he has already served 39 days behind bars whilst waiting for trial. It was possible that Brown could have received 90 days in jail, but a charge of failing a urine test for drugs was dropped.

Brown’s problems with alcohol and the police can be traced back to August 1996, when he crashed wife Whitney Houston‘s car into a bush while drunk.

Following the incident, Brown was convicted of a drunk-driving charge and sentenced to five days in jail. He was also placed on probation.

Last year, a warrant was issued for Brown‘s arrest after his probation officer claimed cocaine was present in a test of the singer’s urine, a violation of his probation terms. Brown allegedly refused to be tested again, and a warrant for his arrest was issued by the Broward County Judge.

When Brown passed through US Customs at Newark International Airport in New Jersey with wife Whitney Houston on May 11 this year, his name was run through a computer database and they spotted the outstanding warrant. He was told he was told to return to Broward and face charges.

Wife Whitney Houston was not present in court.

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