Bobby Shmurda is eligible to be released from prison next month

The rapper was sentenced in October 2016 after pleading guilty to conspiracy and weapons possession

Bobby Shmurda is eligible for release from prison next month, the New York State Department of Corrections has confirmed.

The New York rapper, who became widely known in 2014 for his hit song ‘Hot N***a’, was sentenced to seven years in prison in October 2016 after pleading guilty to conspiracy and weapons possession as part of a plea deal.

Shmurda, real name Ackquille Pollard, was denied parole back in September. He was ordered at the time to serve his maximum sentence (December 11, 2021) in prison.


The New York Times now reports that a fresh review by the Department of Corrections has restored Shmurda’s credit for “good institutional behaviour”, ensuring that he is now eligible for conditional release on February 23.

A release would only be granted provided that there are no further incidents, and he would need to see out the rest of his sentence while on parole.

“I’m glad he’s coming home,” Alex Spiro, a lawyer who represented Shmurda in the criminal case, said about the news.

Shmurda’s co-defendant Chad “Rowdy Rebel” Marshall, who was convicted in the same case, was released on parole last month.

In addition to his initial seven-year prison sentence, Shmurda was later sentenced to four years in prison in 2017 for promoting prison contraband. That order has been served concurrently with his original seven-year sentence.