The Digital Hardcore artist appears in a German court tomorrow...

BOMB20, the DIGITAL HARDCORE artist arrested following disturbances at the BERLIN MAY DAY anti-capitalist parade, appears in a GERMAN court tomorrow over his part in the action.

However, at present it remains unclear what charges the artist will face. A UK spokesperson for the label could only confirm that Bomb20 would be in court and that contrary to original claims of complete innocence, he admitted he had thrown at least one bottle at the police.

He has been held awaiting trial since his arrest on May 1.


“It seems they are making an example of sorts out of him,” she added. “I don’t know at the moment how they could hold him for so long or if he will face any more jail time after the hearing.”

Bomb20 was the inspiration behind the DHR spin-off label Less Than 20. In 1996, when he was 17, Bomb20 sent Digital Hardcore a tape, which eventually became the debut Less Than 20 release ‘The Choice Of The Righteous EP’. The label now provides a channel for people under the age of 20 to get alternative music released.

Bomb20 labelmates Atari Teenage Riot had fallen foul of German security forces during the Berlin May Day parade in 1999. The band were arrested when violence erupted during their set at an anti-fascist rally.

Bomb20 is to release a 12″ EP on Digital Hardcore in the autumn.

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