The Digital Hardcore artist is arrested and imprisoned following the May Day events in Berlin...

DIGITAL HARDCORE artist BOMB20 has been arrested in BERLIN following his actions at an anti-capitalist demonstration on May 1.

A spokesperson for Bomb20 told “Bomb20 got jailed on the demonstration on May 1. Police stopped the demonstration with tear gas and afterwards they jailed lots of them. They want to keep him in jail for the next two weeks.”

It remains unclear why Bomb20 was arrested, or if he will be charged with any offence. Anti-Fascist Action lawyers are presently acting in his defence.

This arrest comes exactly one year after labelmates Atari Teenage Riot were arrested in the same city after fighting broke out at an anti-fascist rally they were playing at. ATR were in the middle of their set when the violence erupted.

Bomb20 was the inspiration behind the Digital Hardcore spin-off label Less Than 20. In 1996, at the age of 17, Bomb20 sent Digital Hardcore a tape, which eventually formed the debut Less Than 20 release ‘The Choice Of The Righteous EP’. The label now provides a forum for people under the age of 20 to get alternative music released.

His debut album for Digital Hardcore, ‘Field Manual Summer’ was released in 1998, and prior to his arrest was working on new material.

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