Bombay Bicycle Club debut two new tracks in the US – watch

Band unveil 'You Carry Me' and 'It's Alright Now' on tour in America

Bombay Bicycle Club have unveiled two new tracks on their current US tour – watch fan-filmed footage below.

The songs – which have been given the working titles of ‘You Carry Me’ and ‘It’s Alright Now’ – are likely to appear on the band’s forthcoming fourth album.

Speaking about the new album in this week’s NME, which is on newsstands now or available digitally, singer Jack Steadman said their previous claims that the record would see a new electronic direction were exaggerated. “It’s not really gonna be that much of a departure, and it’s really not gonna be that much of a shock because there were loads of electronic samples on the last record,” he says. “It’s not gonna be drum machines and Suren [de Saram, drummer] being replaced by a robot. It’s still gonna sound like a band.”

Steadman has previously told NME that he was nervous about making a new album and he felt that most talk about new work before a band starts on it is “meaningless”.

He said: “Whenever you begin the process of writing a new album, you always end up talking loads of shit. People ask you how you’re feeling about it and it’s all becomes meaningless. As the process goes on, the things you were worried about before just disappear.”

Bombay Bicycle Club are set to open for Blur at their Hyde Park show on August 12.