Bombay Bicycle Club: ‘We wanted a reggae band to play on ‘Leave It’ EP’

Guitarist Jamie MacColl worried their Rub A Dub track would make people 'run for the hills'

Bombay Bicycle Club have revealed that they wanted a reggae band to play on their new ‘Leave It’ EP.

In an interview with NME.COM, guitarist Jamie MacColl also admitted that they were worried the Rub A Dub version of their track ‘Lights Out, Words Gone’ would put off fans.

Explaining why the band had used the term Rub A Dub rather than reggae to describe the recording, he said: “I don’t know why we didn’t just put reggae – but if I saw ‘Bombay Bicycle Club reggae version’ I’d probably run for the hills.”

He went on to add:

The original plan was to get a proper reggae band to do it, like an old school one, because we thought us doing it – four middle-class white guys from north London – probably wouldn’t turn out very well.

The EP, which is released on January 1, also includes acoustic versions of their tracks ‘Shuffle’ and ‘Leave It’ and a Flipbook remix of the title track.

Bombay Bicycle Club released their third studio album, ‘A Different Kind Of Fix’, in August of this year.

You can watch Bombay Bicycle Club give NME a track-by-track guide to the album by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking. The band tour the UK next April, playing a total of 11 shows, including their biggest ever headline show at London‘s Alexandra Palace.