Bombay Bicycle Club: ‘Our name is ridiculous’

Band also say they think some people will ignore them because they're young

Bombay Bicycle Club have revealed they think their band name is “ridiculous”.

The band, who released their third album ‘A Different Kind Of Fix’ earlier this summer, have told The Independent that they are also embarrassed by some of their early song titles.

Bassist Ed Nash said of early decisions they find embarrassing: “The band name, for example, is pretty ridiculous”, with frontman Jack Steadman adding: “Or calling a song ‘Emergency Contraception Blues’!”

The band also said they believe they will be unable to shake off people’s prejudice about their age and are sure it will put people off buying their records.

Steadman added:

It’s always very difficult to shake off the first impression you have of someone. I’m sure there are people who won’t buy our album because they associate us with being a young band. But then if The Pigeon Detectives suddenly released this genius album I probably wouldn’t listen to it, I would just go, ‘The Pigeon Detectives? They suck!’ People are like that, they’re prejudiced.

Bombay Bicycle Club are currently in the middle of their largest UK tour to date. They play Cardiff‘s Great Hall this evening (October 14).