Bombay Bicycle Club: ‘Our new record was influenced by dance music’ – video

Jack and Suren explain the 'Ibiza' influence on 'A Different Kind Of Fix'

Bombay Bicycle Club have said that their new album, ‘A Different Kind Of Fix’, has been heavily influenced by dance music.

In our exclusive track-by-track video, which you can watch by clicking above, Jack Steadman and Suren de Saram, talk about which songs have a dance music sound.

Of ‘Lights Out, Words Gone’ Jack says: “A lot of people seems to think it’s very ‘Ibiza’ influenced. It’s got very ambient choir samples on it, and a very ’70s disco guitar line.” The track is released as a single on October 17.

Suren adds: “It’s got a very laid back, summery sound.” The duo added that opener ‘How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep’ was “very influened by dance music”.

Meanwhile, Bombay Bicycle Club are the cover stars of this week’s issue of NME. The band reveal all about their breakthrough with ‘A Different Kind Of Fix’ in the magazine, which is on UK newsstands now (June 15) or available digitally.