Bon Iver says song on ’22, A Million’ was inspired by ‘trying to find’ himself on a Greek island

The musician gave a press conference in Eau Claire, Wisconsin about the new record

Bon Iver‘s Justin Vernon has revealed that one of the songs on new album ’22, A Million’ was inspired by “trying to find” himself on a Greek island.

The musician held a press conference in Eau Claire, Wisconsin on Friday (September 2) to discuss the forthcoming record.

He told the crowd of journalists he had taken a solo trip to an island off the coast of Greece last year, which gave him the start of song ’22 (OVER S∞∞N)’, as Pitchfork reports.


“Don’t go to the Greek islands off season by yourself,” he said. “Trying to find myself and I did not. I felt really poor. And I just heard this chorus in my head: ‘This feeling might be over soon’. That ended up turning into the opening line of the album’s first song, ’22 (OVER S∞∞N)’.”

He also revealed there is an uncredited Stevie Nicks sample on ’10 d E A T h b R E a s T ⊠ ⊠’, but the Fleetwood Mac star had requested the musician didn’t talk about it in the liner notes.

“I respected her wishes,” he explained. “Mostly didn’t want to get asked about working together when we didn’t work together. And I totally get that. It’s from my favorite YouTube video of all time. It’s just her warming up in 1981 getting her hair did and singing her song ‘Wild Heart’, which in my opinion was never properly recorded. There’s this beautiful YouTube of her singing and someone offstage singing harmony. It’s just the best piece of music. That little bit “wild wild wild heart,” that’s that sample.”

’22, A Million’ features some interesting song titles and Vernon took the time to tell the audience how to pronounce some of them. For instance, ’29 #Strafford APTS’ is meant to be said “29 hashtag Strafford apartments”, while ‘666 ʇ’ is “666 upside down arrow” and ‘____45_____’ is just “45”.