Bon Iver: ‘Neil Young called me up for a collaboration’

Justin Vernon hints that he could work with country legend

Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon has revealed that Neil Yong recently rang him up to discuss a possible collaboration.

Although Vernon didn’t say whether he had taken Young up on the offer, his comments didn’t rule out the possibility of the pair working together in the future.

In an interview with The Guardian he said: “Before, when I had other jobs or whatever, all I ever wanted to do was play music all of the time. So when anything comes along – a Peter Gabriel cover, or recording ‘Hadestown’ with Anaïs, it’s like yes! Of course!”


He added: “And then you get tired, and you think, ‘Well, I’d better say no to everything from now on’. But then the Kanye [West thing happens. Or… Neil Young [pictured right] called two days ago, and I’m almost like, ‘Oh fuck’, because whatever he’s going say I’m going to want to deal with, you know?”

Vernon collaborated with Kanye West on the rapper’s last album ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ and appeared onstage with him at Coachella.

Bon Iver will release their new self-titled album, which is the follow-up to 2007’s ‘For Emma, Forever Ago’, on June 20. The record is also currently being streamed online.