Watch Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon perform with his high school band in 1998

Vernon's high school band play five songs at a Battle of the Bands contest in the YouTube video

Footage of Bon Iver‘s Justin Vernon performing with his high school band has been uploaded to YouTube.

The footage shows the band, who are called Mount Vernon, performing at a Battle of the Bands contest in Vernon’s hometown of Eau Claire, Wisconsin in 1998.

According to the YouTube description, the band play five songs titled ‘Today Is Just a Day’, ‘We Can Look Up’, ‘Thompson’, ‘Sprinkler’ and ‘High Five’.

Mount Vernon’s lineup includes Phil and Brad Cook, who would go on to play with Justin Vernon in the band DeYarmond Edison.

Justin Vernon recently revealed that he is not a fan of Apple Music, calling the streaming service a “horrible platform” in a series of tweets.

Last month (June) he told fans that Bon Iver will play a set of entirely new music at Eaux Claires Festival in Wisconsin this August. It will be the first new material heard from the band since their self-titled album in 2011.

Vernon announced Bon Iver had been working on new material in February, after saying that the band were “winding down” back in 2012. He had previously said the band would not be performing new music at Eaux Claires Festival when the show was originally announced earlier this year, in an interview with Billboard.