Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon isn’t happy with Apple Music

Vernon describes it as a "horrid platform"

Launching at the end of June 2015, Apple Music surpassed ten million subscribers in January of this year.

Whilst it initially got off to a shaky start, with plans rumoured to include not paying artists for listens during a subscribers’ unpaid trial period, an open letter from Taylor Swift to the company shortly before their launch in June, convinced Apple to change their mind – and saw a surge in subscriptions.

However, seems not everyone is entirely happy with the platform. Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon took to Twitter to air out some opinions about its usability, labelling it a “horrid platform”.

Tweeting, he wrote: “apple went from being innovative, plug + play … the best way to experience music and file management to literally a horrid platform ….” before adding, “they let the commercialization of apple music get in the way of making a product easy, simple, and beautiful to use. #neversyncagain” However, he did confirm that he would not be pulling his music from the platform.

Apple Music is reportedly going to be being given a fresh redesign by Trent Reznor. The Nine Inch Nails man has been involved with the streaming service since before Apple acquired Beats’ holdings in May 2014.

Reznor will work alongside Robert Kondrk, the Vice President of Apple iTunes Content, with the aim of making Apple Music competitive with rivals Spotify.