Bon Iver pledge five per cent of royalties to gender equality initiative

"It is time for those with ample privilege and large platforms to amplify marginalised voices"

Bon Iver will pledge five per cent of their ongoing publishing royalties to 2 A Billion, an initiative founded by the band which aims to end gender inequality and sexual violence.

Active since 2016, 2 A Billion was originally conceived as a means for Bon Iver to support non-profit organisations while on tour.

Through their royalties pledge, Bon Iver will continue to partner with charities which focus on female empowerment, even when they’re not on the road.


“On tour, we’ve been humbled by our partners’ work towards bringing gender equity center stage and addressing issues of domestic and sexual violence. That work must continue, even once the show is over,” the band wrote on social media.

Bon Iver explained that Jeff Tweedy’s decision to pledge a portion of his music royalties to racial justice charities inspired them to make similar arrangements.

“We hope such commitments move other artists, labels, PROs, agencies, industries, and corporations to support the causes most important to them and their communities,” the band wrote.

“It is time for those with ample privilege and large platforms to amplify marginalized voices, speak up for disenfranchised communities, and give back to those working on the front lines of our country’s greatest challenges.

“As we all face so many grave issues in our world, we can achieve something good by coming together.”


Through 2 A Billion, donors can pledge money to be passed on to partnering charities which aim “to end gender inequality, domestic violence, and sexual abuse”.

According to its site, the charities with which 2 A Billion partners are The Buckeye Region Anti-Violence Organisation (BRAVO), Argrow’s House, European Women’s Lobby and Standing Together to End Sexual Assault (STESA).

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