Bon Iver tease new album with mysterious new trailer

The seasons are changing...

Bon Iver are teasing a new album with a mysterious new trailer.

After releasing new songs ‘Hey Ma’ and ‘U (Man Like)’ last month, Justin Vernon and co have shared a fancy new teaser video, hinting at a new album.

In the style of a film trailer, the clip circulates around the four seasons, calling their 2008 debut album ‘For Emma, Forever Ago’ winter, the 2011 self-titled follow-up spring, 2016’s ’22, A Million’ summer, and how we have to wait for fall (a new album, right?).


The new clip is titled ‘Sincerity Is Forever In Season’, and finishes with the tagline ‘Keep It Restaurant’, which we reckon is a pretty wonderful title for a new album, to be honest.

The clip ends with a movie-style poster crediting the band members under monikers ‘Scarey’, ‘McC’, ‘Vern’ and ‘Waz’.

Bon Iver debuted ‘Hey Ma’ and ‘U (Man Like)’ on the big screens after he headlined London’s All Points East Festival at the start of June.

Last year, Justin Vernon released a new Bon Iver song ‘Do You Need Power? (Walk Out Music)’ as part of the soundtrack for Creed II.

Bon Iver will tour European festivals this month, playing the likes of Madrid’s Mad Cool and NOS Alive in Lisbon. They then tour North America later in the year.