And he invites the audience to his gig for free!...

BON JOVI frontman JON BON JOVI told students at the OXFORD UNION that they must have “passion, perseverance and possibility” to succeed in live, during his address to the Union.

The 39-year-old rocker gave students at the Frewin Court a 20-minute speech, during which he said that his education was spending “years playing in bar bands, watching and learning my craft. That was my university.”

He added: “My folks saw my desires and dreams and never discouraged it. If you have people like that in your life you cannot fail. In my mind I felt I was going to be a musician. I felt it. I believed it.”

According to reports on [url=], although asked to sing, he declined, and after completing his address invited the audience to the band’s gig at Milton Keynes today (June 16) for free. On the way out of the Union, he posed for photographs with fans and had a quick pint of lager in the Union bar.