Watch as Jon Bon Jovi gets hassled into singing ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ by a wedding band

Bon Jovi performs a smooth jazz version of the 1986 hit

Bon Jovi singer Jon Bon Jovi has been hassled into singing his 1986 hit ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ at a wedding.

Bon Jovi was a guest at the wedding in Florida of a couple who have chosen to stay nameless.

Knowing that the singer was going to be in attendance, the wedding band for the couple had prepared a deliberately cheesy smooth cover of ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’, hoping Bon Jovi would join in.

Wedding band leader Lourdes Valentin managed to persuade a reluctant Bon Jovi to perform the song, which featured a trumpet player doing a solo in place of Richie Sambora’s guitar.

Valentin told Associated Press that she’d spoken to Bon Jovi before the wedding, and was told he didn’t want to be involved. She said: “I was very surprised when Jon did then grace us with his talent.”

Bon Jovi released their 13th album ‘Burning Bridges’ in 2015. It features songs the band hadn’t finished for previous album ‘What About Now’ and is their first without Sambora, who left to go solo in 2013.

A full new album, ‘This House Is Not For Sale’, is due in autumn. Having stated they were leaving Mercury after 32 years with ‘Burning Bridges’, the band have rejoined the label, saying “We sobered up”. No replacement has been named for Sambora, with Bon Jovi saying the guitarist would be welcome to rejoin at any time.